Management Board

Chair of the Management Board

Vincenzo Onorato


Vincenzo Onorato – Chair of the Management Board and General Manager of Consorzio INTEGRA

Born in Naples, with a degree in geotechnical civil engineering from the University of Naples Federico II, he has been chair of the Management Board and general manager of Consorzio Integra since March 2016.
He has performed many management roles during his career.
He entered CCC – Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni at the end of 2010. For three years he was regional activities director and foreign services manager before becoming the consortium’s sales director for over two years. In June 2015 he became chair of the Management Board and general operations manager of CCC.
His career, which began at the end of 1999 as a geotechnical and structural calculations consultant, then saw him enter INSO S.p.A. in 2000 as project engineer and technical site assistant in the realization of the heart centre and A wing buildings of Ospedale Maggiore in Parma.
In April 2001 he became project manager and technical site director for the expansion of the Capodichino airport in Naples. In more detail, he dealt with the construction of the “ATITECH 2000” aeroplane maintenance plant, the underground car park for the plant, as well as the work to complete the “ATITECH – Complesso AVIO 2” area of the Naples airport.
For INSO S.p.A. he also worked as proposal manager and project leader for project financing initiatives, contracts, tenders and real estate project development.
Before coming to CCC, in January 2007 he first took on the role of real estate and commercial projects development manager, then sales director for Italy, and finally sales director for Italy and abroad.

Vice-chair of the Management Board

Adriana Zagarese


Adriana Zagarese – Vice-chair of the Consorzio INTEGRA Management Board

Born in Padua, after obtaining a law degree from the University of Bologna she was awarded the licence to practise as a lawyer in the Bologna Court of Appeal in 2005. She has been vice-chair of the Consorzio Integra Management Board since March 2016.
She boasts significant experience in developing and formatting contracts for PPP (Public Private Partnership) initiatives such as public works, service contracts, mixed public-private companies and public property leasing.
In particular, she has analysed the legal feasibility of investment projects, drafted procedures for PPP initiatives, structured PPP companies and contracts, implemented projects and dealt with project financing.
She has worked as advisor and strategic consultant in numerous project financing operations in the infrastructure and renewable energies markets.
From 2002 to 2007 she was legal consultant first for AREA Group srl, consultancy company working in the infrastructure, water, waste, agri-food and renewable energies sector, and then as of 2009 for S.T.F. S.p.A., company under the management and coordination of CCC – Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni – in Bologna.

Management Board Member

Vincenzo Manganiello